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About Beaming Benevolence Consultancy
bringing safety, emotional health, growth and restoration to children and adults everywhere

Our business is bringing safety, emotional health, growth and restoration to children and adults everywhere. We do this from a trauma-informed and trauma-sensitive approach using kindness and compassion and of course ‘beaming benevolence’. We passionately believe in the need to acknowledge the impact of adversity and to offer hope in recovery.
We have over 40 years of combined experience of working with children, adults, and families who have experienced a range of adversity. This includes those who have experienced childhood trauma, domestic abuse, bereavement, loss, abandonment, disrupted attachments and family breakdown.

Vashti has a BSc in Psychology, an MA in Social work and qualifications in Mindfulness, Clinical Supervision and Trauma.
Giselle has a Diploma in Social Work, a BA in Social Policy and qualifications in Coaching, Counselling, Child Development and Clinical Supervision.

In order to achieve our aim we provide training and consultancy to professionals and companies working with children and adults who may have experienced abuse, neglect or trauma. In addition we offer individuals sessions ranging from clinical supervision, mindfulness, coaching, counselling and well-being sessions.

“If you want to improve the world, start by making people feel safer” – Stephen Porges

Here at Beaming Benevolence, we aim to improve the lives and well-being of individuals, groups and organisations whether through the delivery of training, consultancy and/or direct services to individuals. We seek to do this in a way that is always beaming kindness and benevolence.

Our ethos comes from within a trauma-informed approach where we believe in the power of safety and connection. It also comes from our own experiences of trauma in both childhood and adulthood, and wanting to reach out to others with what we have learnt about recovery.

We are passionate about professionals being enabled to provide the best services possible and to feel confident and competent in what they are delivering. With this is mind we can provide safeguarding, trauma and attachment training based on over 40 years practice experience and knowledge. In addition, we will provide this training being considerate to the trauma-informed approach and help practitioners understand how they can support children and families from this perspective.

It is also central to our philosophy that professionals are able to look after themselves and to this end, we provide training in Self-Care and also offer Mindfulness sessions and Clinical Supervision.

strategy & mission
Our mission is to reach out to those who are in need of support, whether through professional continuous development or through a personal journey of recovery. In particular where conventional therapy has been unsuccessful, or where an individual is not ready or is unable to access support, we can offer options.

All our training and services are informed by our knowledge of and passion for the Polyvagal theory, Developmental Dyadic Psychotherapy utilising PACE and an understanding of the need for everyone to be safe.

We will use a variety of tools, skills and techniques to find right the one for you or your organisation. This includes Mindfulness techniques, Coaching, Counselling and Safe and Sound Protocol.

Experienced team
Kindness & Compassion

Meet Vashti

Vashti Wickers

– Director –

Vashti is an experienced practitioner and leader who has worked with traumatised children and families for over 20 years. Beginning her career with a BSc in Psychology and subsequently an MA in Social Work, she has pursued a passion for understanding and supporting children and adults who have experienced all forms of adversity, abuse and neglect. This has included extensive personal research and training in the field of trauma and recovery, involving both participation in as well as the delivery of this training.

In addition to her considerable experience in delivering training to professionals and organisations, Vashti also provides 1-2-1 and group sessions in relation to people who may be feeling overwhelmed by their experiences and who are seeking some additional support.

Vashti delivers both training and individual sessions from a place of creating safety, recognising the potential healing power of relationships and taking a person-centered approach throughout.

These sessions will be approached from a place of creating safety, developing relationships and providing psycho-education. Vashti will draw on and utilise the latest research available with particular reference to a Trauma-Informed Approach, the Polyvagal theory and Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness.

Meet Giselle

Giselle Follette

– Director –

Giselle has been actively working to protect children since 2004 both as a social work practitioner and senior manager.  This has included managing and leading the development of various service areas from Early Help to Child Protection and Youth Offending teams.

Prior to qualifying as a Social Worker, Giselle gained a Degree in Social Policy in 1999 which she utilised in her role as Community Development Coordinator. This very much provided the initial work experience of working with children and adults who had experienced Adverse Childhood Experiences.  The Project that Giselle set up and managed for over five years aimed to improve the quality of life and well being of those living on a deprived housing estate.

Giselle has utilised her training in counselling and coaching and delivers 1 – 2 – 1 support and reflective space to those who are seeking to change and move their lives forward from past experiences to future happiness.

Giselle has maintained her passion for children’s rights and to end abuse through knowledge, support, and protection. Giselle utilises her lived and professional experience to improve her ability to provide Trauma-Informed training.

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