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COVID-19 UPDATE: A message from Beaming Benevolence

Covid-19 has impacted us all in different ways and that’s why we are continueing to offer our Services for Professionals in a Covid secure manner.
We can provide any of our training or individual sessions remotely using online delivery. Covid-19 won’t stop us from helping you.

What We Can Help With
Interested in knowing about up to date Attachment research?
Looking for some unique trauma-informed safeguarding training?
Are you a professional needing some external support as part of your overall self-care?
Are you caring for or working with traumatised children and young people?
Are you a professional or organisation interested in learning more about the Polyvagal Theory and the science of safety?
Would you like to learn more about the impact of your work and what it means for you as an individual?
Training Services

Self-Care for frontline practitioners working with Children and Families

Our self-care course will offer busy professionals the ability to take a breath and rebalance their thoughts and feelings. This course will provide an overview of what self-care is and why it is needed.  We will look at how to start and end our day, guided by self-care values (forgiveness, letting go of the past and mindfulness/meditation).

We will consider the many avenues of self-care including physical, emotional, spiritual and relational and also examine the idea of managing our energy rather than our time alone. This short course will explore the symptoms of burnout, vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue. We will look at how to improve resilience to prevent and bounce forward from stress and trauma.

Living with Trauma and the Science of Safety

This course provides an opportunity to all professionals working with children, adults and families to explore and reflect on the impact of and responses to living with trauma. This will be facilitated through the lens of the Polyvagal Theory and demonstrate how an understanding of this can assist us to improve our confidence in practice with those with whom we support.
We will include a number of tools and worksheets that can be utilised as well as opportunities to discuss case examples and reflect on our own presence within the work that we do.

Caring for Traumatised Children and Teenagers for Foster Carers/Adoptive Parents and Kinship Carers

This training course is for those people currently or about to look after children in care, including foster carers (private or public), adoptive parents and kinship carers. It will also be helpful for those professionals supporting these families.
We will explore the impact of trauma on children, how this can shape their behaviours and relationships and consider strategies within the framework of therapeutic parenting to support both the child and the carers in their journey. For this training we will be drawing on our knowledge of developmental trauma and the model of PACE (Play, Acceptance, Curiosity and Empathy) developed by Dan Hughes. It will also provide an introduction to the science of safety behind the Polyvagal Theory.


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